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Oozeq Documentation and Instructions

Oozeq ("OOZE-eck") is strong bioplastic gel, ready to use, made of only edible ingredients. Water will dissolve Oozeq. US utility patent pending.

Oozeq non dry contains only cornstarch, water, glycerin, canola oil and soap.
Add essential oil or glitter for colorful play. Make molds for plaster.

Oozeq air dry contains only cornstarch, salt and water.
Make molds for cement and armatures for polymer clay.

windowashi DIY inkjet paper decal
1. Print a design on regular paper on an inkjet printer.
2. Spread moistened Oozeq non dry very thin on printed side.
3. Gently press Oozeq side of paper onto glass.

Oozeq is non-toxic, conforms to ASTM D 4236
Manufactured by Oobleq Ltd of Bel Air, Maryland, USA
A Bit of "oobleck" History
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